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PALLA SHANMUKH VIJAY NAGA GURUNATH Placed as QC Engineer2019-09-19T14:47:36+05:30

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PLACEMENTSHALA is an online open platform built for Job Seekers and Career Aspirants. Welcome to our worldwide platform for a radiant future. Our platform is open for everyone irrespective of age, gender, location, area of interest, qualification etc., to connect with various companies of different verticals and vice versa. We also welcome schools, colleges and universities to connect with the world through us. We shall arrange for campus drives, workshops, internships, seminars etc.

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We are a group of experts who research on skill development, online training, job hunt, employee hunt, relation building, start-up missions etc. to lead a better life in career front. We have developed such a platform for seamless connection among all the needy across the globe. The biggest advantage is that experts and professionals who are already living your dream jobs will give you expert advice to hunt your dream jobs.

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